Color farm is a game designed for 4 to 6 year old kids that consists of 6 wooden houses, 6 bakeable clay animals, 6 game cards and one light box. The goal of the game is to teach colors and animals.


Innovative Approach to Games
Color Farm is enticing because it provides the option of adding new animals. Wooden houses are robust and if wanted, adding more colors, the gamer can extend the game.

Arduino is an open source program that can be easily programmed at home. Therefore a parent can reprogram the colors and the duration of changing the color of the light with a USB connection from Arduino. All these become an advantage provides the opportunity to the child and the parent to develop the game and support their creativity.

How to play the game?

Pick a card and find the animal on the card.
Look at the color of the light.
Place the animal into the matching color
house. (of the light).

Color Farm was exhibited at Istanbul Mini Maker Faire on November 2014.