“Sahaf” translates to English as “Second Hand Bookshop.” However, the owners are usually the most knowledgeable people in their business of book selling. Unfortunately, with chain bookstores and low interest in rare book collecting, their profession is facing a great risk of disappearance.

I took a day trip to Sahaflar Carsisi in Beyazit, Istanbul to listen Sahaf owners’ stories.

After hearing their story and taking their pictures, I feel as I discovered a different facet of Istanbul (the city where I spent 18 years of my life). As a play upon the idea of “having a souvenir postcard” I printed the photographs in 10 x 15 cm postcard format and stamped my name, date and location on the back. I took these photographs back to the bookshop owners and asked them to write a story for me so that I have a memory of this visit recorded on text and image.

The photographs are only the three of the eighteen images in low resolution format. Rest of the series can be viewed upon request.

Sahaflar was exhibited and sold at Mamut Art Project at Kucukciftlik Park in Istanbul on March 26-29, 2015.

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