ATÖLYE İstanbul is a production and creativity hub that is gathering an interdisciplinary network of designers, makers, entrepreneurs and more under one roof. It is a new generation workspace where members can explore their innovative potential through collaborative work, experiential classes and workshops, tools like CNC, 3D printers and laser cutters, and facilities like a media lab. As a nexus point, ATÖLYE enables organic ideation, prototyping and refinement of innovative ideas.

Source: ATÖLYE Labs

I was part of this creative core team to design their new space which is approximately 650 square meters at BomontiAda. Please click on the renderings and final images below to enlarge.

Illustrations made for ATÖLYE İstanbulartistamateur

atolye_illustration_jweb bike

illustrationDesk_jul0914_rh illustration_aug2014_rh


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